NGO Saved 455 Indigent Patients In Nigeria In Four Years

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An NGO, Health Emergency Initiative (HEI), says its various life saving schemes has saved 450 indigent patients in Nigeria since its establishment in 2015 .

Paschal Achunine, Executive Director, HEI, made the disclosure to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Lagos.

Achunine said that HEI embarked the life saving schemes, including “Project 1Million”, “That None Should Die” and launch of “First Responder Scheme” among others to bring succour to indigent patients.

He said that all these schemes were launched and had been embarked upon in the years under review.

The executive director said the Project 1Million was aimed at giving Nigerians and the public opportunity to donate as little as N500 per month

He said that it involved creating the awareness and payment system such that even a Commercial Motorcyclist or Vulcanizer could donate.

Achunine said that “That None Should Die” scheme was HEI cores mandate that applies to what it did, including Post Crash Care, Indigent Patient Intervention, Project Joseph, Medical Outreach, Mission to Rural Communities and First Responders Scheme.

He said that under the scheme, “in 2019 HEI provided succour to 126 beneficiaries covering indigent patients, accident victims and Prison inmates bringing the total number of interventions till date to 455.

“One of the highpoints of HEI’s role as next of kin to the indigent and vulnerable people in the society was the case of Testimony Julius.

“The five-year-old child lost his three siblings on July 16 and July 17 of 2019 after a fire that engulfed their `face me I face you room in Ajah area of Lagos.

“Testimony survived because he ran into a fridge limiting his case to 53% burns. HEI reached out to many individuals and ensured that Testimony was duly treated and discharged after spending 64days in the hospital.

“We went further to engage a kind-hearted Nigerian who paid for a new accommodation for the family,” he said.

Achunine said that during the years under review, HEI had maintained its culture of accountability and transparent reporting.

“For the third consecutive year, our books were reviewed and audited by External Auditors and the report published for public consumption,” he said.

The executive director said that they were poised to build, expand the scope and footprint of HEI in 2020 and beyond.

“We are keen on introducing technology and innovation in our programmes. Strategic collaborations and partnerships will be vigorously pursued to make all its life saving schemes a success story,” Achunine said.


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