My Struggle For Development Of Takai LG Made People To Urges Me To Contest The Chairmanship Election —Mamunu

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Abba Kabir Yusuf Government is making efforts been in trying to discharge the responsibilities of the people of Kano State in many areas including the improvement of education,health and the development of the youth and women and many other areas.

Comrade Mamunu Ibrahim Takai,who is deputy National president of “Union of Tipper and Quarry employee of Nigeri also the chairman of the union Kano state chapter, disclosed this while talking to journalists.

He also appreciated the efforts done by the member of the National Assembly representing Takai and Sumaila, Barista Rabiu Yusuf, to promote the development of his consistency , especially in the area of supporting in reducing the hardships among his people.

He also commended leader of Kwankwasiyya in Takai former chairman of Takai local government, former commissioner, former member of state Assembly, special adviser to Kano state Governor on local government affairs.Hon Garba Umar Durbunde, for his efforts to see the development of the area.

Comrade Mamunu Ibrahim Takai, who is the chieftain of Kwankwasiyya’s in Takai said Takai local government need to have a credible of the local Government council who will bring change to promote its development to improve the well-being of its people.

He said for many years he involved in politics under the system of policies of Kwankwasiyya ideology, they have worked hard by entering nooks and crannies to ensure the success of the NNPP during elections of the President, Senators, Federal Assembly, Governor and State Assembly in 2023. .

He pointed out that his struggle for the development of Takai has attracted the attention of the people of Takai from the youth and the elderly, men and women they have suggested that he must come out and run in seeking for leadership of the local government.

He added that after the consultations and suggestions he made, he was shown the importance of accepting the needs of the community on him,because if Allah gives him the opportunity, there is a contribution that he can make to the development of his community.

He further explain that local governments, especially those in rural areas, are in a difficult situation. He they went to the nook and corners of Takai local government of different wards from Takai, Kachako, Zuga, Falali, Kuka, Karfi and others they did not during campaign to delivered the message of the policy of Kwankwasiyya and seeking the success of the NNPP. During that b time they saw many problems that are bothering the region.

Mamunu said that Takai has a very large land bordering Bauchi, they have 10 wards and 24 district heads towns. Some areas are facing problems such as the lack of roads, schools, hospitals and many other needs that should be addressed especially at the level of the local Government leadership but it is not done by past leaders who had the opportunity to lead the local government in the past.

Comrade Mamunu Ibrahim Takai said that their plan for Kwankwasiyya is to make people better and do things for them like providing hospitals, schools, water, oads and bring them infrastructure and assist farmers by giving them fertilizers and irrigation machines to develop irrigation farming and provide them with many things.

He shows that two thirds of Takai Local Government will be use for irrigation farming, but due to the lack of proper leadership in the past, it was neglected to bring such activities that would help the development of the community.

Mamunu Ibrahim Takai said that he has a good intention to bring the meaningful development in the area by the will of God .Even now, he agreed to stand for the candidacy of Takai which people’s insisted him to contest he received acceptance from the community and their political leaders of Takai, all of them are treated with dignity and respect.

He said that they will ensure that they have done the right thing in promoting the development of the people and education and health This is amongs the plan of leader of Kwankwasiyya Dr.Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso and that they will try to implement it they have the opportunity and to assist the development of Kano.

Comrade Mamunu Ibrahim Takai wished and pray that the new acting chairman of Takai local government.Hon. Abdulhadi Falali and his deputy Muhammad Abdullahi and the secretary Hon.Husaini Gambo and other councilors God will guide them in carrying out activities to promote the development of the area.


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