More Than 1m Malawians Need Food Aid, Official Says

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More than one million Malawians will need food aid till March 2020, the government of Malawi has recently said.
Wilson Moleni, the Secretary to the Vice President and Commissioner for Disaster Management, said this during a news conference on Tuesday.
According to a government report, up to 1,062,674 people may be at risk of food insecurity during the 2019/20 lean season, Moleni said.
Further assessments are being conducted on the food situation and an updated report will be produced, he added.
Moleni also announced that the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) was arranging for food to be distributed in all of the country’s 28 districts, as a one-off effort to alleviate the situation.
Around 8,129 tons of maize will be needed for the programme, as well as funding to support the logistics involved in distributing the aid, Moleni said.
He added that implementation of the programme would cost 51.8 million dollars, and as of Nov. 25, 10.7 million dollars had been sourced.
The programme will operate till March 2020, according to the DoDMA commissioner.
Malawi, with a population of some 18 million, is one of the world’s least developed countries, according to UN statistics.


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