Many Things That Are Hidden To President Buhari And Bola Tinubu About Zamfara APC

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By Aliyu Musa Maradun

We have read in the Daily Trust of August 4th 2022 where one Bilkisu Salisu Gusau authored an article titled “WHAT ATIKU ABUBAKAR NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT PDP ZAMFARA” and for us in the PDP we thought the sponsors of the publication exposed their political ignorance that every political movement is characterized by some challenges that are sometimes unavoidable due to human nature.

Human beings are created to agree and disagree when it comes to decision-making especially in politics where disagreements abound but cannot be viewed as predictable failure, because in politics, we are told, crises are part of the ingredients of getting things right.

We want to remind the sponsors of this article by Mrs. Balkisu that, disagreements in politics cannot be used as yardstick to predict the end result of a political journey because many political parties ride on their challenges and weaknesses to rise to strength and emerge victorious just like the way Zamfara PDP emerged victorious in 2019 despite its internal constraints.

Balkisu Salisu must be a card-carrying member of the APC thus the party’s sitting President Muhammad Buhari and indeed its Presidential candidate, Bola Ahmad Tinubu should be educated and enlightened on those hidden things they are prevented from knowing about the APC in Zamfara.

Zamfara APC for now is the worst political platform a progressive minded politician can think of being a part of, owing to its fast disappearing popularity to win election because the party has not only lost popularity and public sympathy but is the most hated political platform citizens of Zamfara state will think of voting in the 2023 general elections.

From the past to present regimes, APC has failed to provide the right political direction for the rapid progress and development of the state. From 2011 to date, it crashed education, bastardized the health sector, destroyed the historic legacy of agriculture and imposed avoidable permanent poverty in the people.

Using any acceptable domestic or international indicator, the APC regimes in Zamfara have made the socio-economic condition of the people the worst in the nation’s history.

Zamfara is always the least in terms of education with over five years of nonchalant commitment to pay for WAEC/NECO/NABTEB/GCE.

The implication of this deliberate failure of the APC government in Zamfara resulted to having close to 100,000 students unable to make it to tertiary level of education due to lack of statements and notifications of result.

Because of the clueless leadership of Zamfara APC, the entire boarding schools in Zamfara which accommodate close to fifty thousand students have been under lock and key for close to ten months while the enrollment figure in the day schools is dropping drastically due to the inability of the APC government in Zamfara to put in the desired commitment to the sector.

For six months now, the APC government in Zamfara has failed to settle the backlog of debt accrued through the supply of grains and other food stuffs for the feeding of its students made last term and resulting in the low enrollment drive of pupils in public schools.

The APC government under Matawalle has done nothing to improve the health sector either. Since the inception of the APC government in Zamfara, health indicators have sadly been drifting, showing that the state is performing lower than all the states of the federation.

Under the APC, Zamfara health facilities in the fourteen local governments established a permanent comatose and most of the General Hospitals that were earmarked for repairs have been abandoned with contractors packing out of the state due to non release of funds.

These health facilities include General Hospitals in Gummi, Tsafe, Talata-Mafara as well as Farida and King Fahad hospitals in Gusau.

Under the APC government in Zamfara, the whole world knows that insecurity which thrived like no other is becoming most alarming as people are killed unjustly, day in, day out.

Presently, over 500 communities across the fourteen local government areas of the state have been dislodged with over one million people displaced to the streets of Gusau and other major towns as beggers with their women and children most vulnerable to all forms of threats.

Today, with APC at the helm of affairs in Zamfara, there is no road leading to the state that is not under armed bandits control.

From Jibiya road to that of Yankara or Tureta from Sokoto Anka and Zuru, there is no entry point to Zamfara state that is free of armed bandits’ attacks.

In Zamfara it is a known fact that the recklessness of the APC government reached its peak when a renowned wanted bandit kingpin was rewarded and conferred with a chieftaincy title with government officials including Commissioner for Security and Home Affairs (a retired DIG) attended the turbanning ceremony alongside other top bandit leaders.

Civil service and its functionality never had it so bad, the APC government ensured that the entire system of civil service has crashed. The APC government could not afford to pay the N30,000 minimum wage over the years, it stopped implementing promotion as well as giving imprest for administrative running of the government ministries and agencies.

For the first time since this APC government assumes power in Zanfara, Emirs on whom grassroots mobilization rests, are relegated and can stay for three to four months without their monthly allowance while the 3% deduction from the local government funds for that purpose, has since stopped.

Agriculture which used to be the pride of the state has been completely neglected, and it has reached a point that, Zamfara is now importing food items from states like Adamawa, Bauchi and Jigawa. Our agricultural potentials have been wasted by the APC government because it has never been its priority.

The livestock industry has also been wasted to the extent that the government cannot develop management strategies to retain the Fulani herdsmen where livestock rearing can be sustained to support the mono-agricultural economy of the state.

At this stage of competitive economy, the APC government in Zamfara has not seen wisdom to strengthen its people especially women and youths with skills acquisition programs with the multiplier effect to help in wealth creation, job opportunities and also fight social inequalities.

In summary the message for President Muhammadu Buhari and indeed Bola Ahmad Tinubu is to understand that, there is strong disconnection between Zamfara APC, the people and the anti-citizen leadership by the current APC Governor Mr. Bello Matawalle causing sympathy for the PDP.

Because people believe the APC government led by Matawalle is crashing, the 2023 election in Zamfara is not going to be a miracle as the people of Zamfara will surely vex their anger on the APC.

Zamfara people will never forget the years of agony and anger supervised by the APC government since 2015 and for the President and Tinubu they should be rest assured that APC will be history in Zamfara come 2023 by the special will of Allah.

Meanwhile, the crises over party supremacy is also another negative development that will continue to consume and tell bad about APC in Zamfara.

To God, be the glory.
Aliyu Musa Maradun


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