Law; The Earth’s First-born Profession

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The assertion that “law is the first profession on Earth” is an intriguing; a philosophical and highly theological one. To say “Yes” is to prove in the realm of an unquantifiable lenses, exploring the concept through different views that offers a rich tapestry of understanding.

To declare “law the Earth’s first-born profession” isn’t a mere utterance, but a perfect symphony of facts; echoing through the ancient walls of human existence. From the tinkling rhythm of tides; the fiery pulse of sun; the secret whispers of wind; of the greatest stars that aligned themselves in cosmic contracts; all are nothing but that ruled by their Lord.


In the Supreme Court case of A.G. Federation v. A.N.P.P. (2007) 5 NWLR (Pt. 1021) 1; Justice Samuel Obakayode “Kayode” Eso while delivering the lead judgment, famously defined law as “the body of rules prescribed by an authority and enforced by sanctions.

Also, in the famous case of Ojukwu v. E.C.F.N. (1986) 1 NWLR (Pt. 63) 150; Learned Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, in his concurring judgment, offered a philosophical view of law as “the distilled wisdom and experience of ages, crystallized into a code of conduct for the good of the society… the instrument of social control for directing the energies of men towards the good of the community.”

Learned Justice Kaaseem observed in the case of Chief Gani Fawehinmi v. L.P.D.C. (1985) 5 NWLR (Pt. 1) 121: that; “[l]aw in its abstract sense… signifies, amongst other things, a rule of conduct, prescribed by the authority having supreme control, commanding what is to be done or avoided, when this rule is enforced by punishment, it is said to be a positive law… The purpose of all laws is to regulate human conduct for the welfare of the society.”

From the above multi-faced definitions, Law in its true sense, is a system of binding rules and regulations recognized by a particular group or syndicate.


Is law really the first profession on the earth?

Are we puppets on the stage of history, that our every move is dictated by the invisible hand of an ageless legal code?


Both the Quran and the Bible paint a picture of laws pre-existing even before some earthly realities like civilization.

Both religions believed that God established orders and boundaries even before laws of nature; the creation of heaven and earth; the cycles of days and nights and the very fabric of existence itself. All are expressions of the divine laws of God.


The Quran emphasizes the concept of “al-amr,” (al-amr can be translated as the `decree’ or `command’ of God). In Súratul Húd, Allah Almighty gave instance after instance of this usage; meaning Allah’s universal decree that governs all creation.

From The history of Hauwa’u And Prophet Adam (A.S); Allah Almighty have set some rules and regulations guiding their activities; even in the most peaceful place imagination can imagine. (Aljannatur-firdaus). And a sanctions followed the commission of wrong. (eating fruits from the forbidden tree). (Among thousandth to quotes; here are just two instances.)


In Genesis 1:3-4; we are told that after God created the heavens and the earth, he proceeded with making a/an command/order/law/pronouncement/enactments- let there be light and instantly the law was executed. Note that laws are meant to be executed (Read; Orji Ifeanyi Uduma).

Also, The Ten Commandments Given to Moses (Prophet Musa) and Covenant with Naoh (Prophet Nuh); after the flood, God establishes a covenant with Noah, setting guidelines for humanity’s interaction with the world and with each other.


Whether law is the “first profession on Earth” is ultimately a matter of perspective. However, exploring the concept through the lens of both Islamic, Biblical and historical origins; it reveals a rich and nuanced understanding of law and its role in shaping human societies. Law, in its ever-evolving forms, stands as a testament to our inherent striving for justice, order, and a harmonious existence within the fabric of creation.


Salisu Abdulazeez Lawal is a 200 level law student at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. A Writer, A Poet & A Researcher.


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