KASSOSA Vowed To Establish own University

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

The Kano science schools old students association”KASSOSA” have vowed to create a university through the association. The new national president of the association, Alhaji Balarabe Nuhu Jallah said this in his speech to take over the leadership of the association after swearing in at the annual meeting held by the association in the university. Bayero.

He said that looking at the number of members of the group, they should have attracted the attention of the stakeholders because the children who are coming out of the science schools should not go out and study if they get the university it will help to expand education.

He said that now in the association they have many vice chencellorss of universities within and outside the state and many professors and doctors in all kinds of professions, now they have reached the age where the members of the KASSOSA should have made an effort to establish a university and with the grace of God, it is sustainable.The arrangement will starts slowly step by step until it is confirmed.

Balarabe Nuhu Jallah said that the greatest contribution that the members of the group will give him is unity if they unite to they will achieve any progress because there is no place where you will not find members of the association from the offices of the federal , state governments.

There are politicians, doctors, lawyers and businesses people’s among them no any place you can can not find their members.

Jallah said the aims of the group is to build human development, even after them the children who are growing up will continue to hold the association. if you encourage them to do better and they will also compensate for what was done to them in the future.

Alhaji Balarabe Nuhu Jallah Dambatta expressed his satisfaction and courage in establishing the association by their Leaders and now they have come to lead it.


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