Kano state Government Is Set To Saving Lives Of Women And Children — Labaran

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

Kano state Government has placed a highly priority on saving the lives of women and children through healthcare system strengthening at all levels of care primary and secondary as well as supporting tertiary facilities in the state

Commissioner of Health Dr.Abubakar Labaran Yusuf said this at the press briefing in commemoration of 2024 World Malaria day and National safe motherhood day celebration held in Kano.

He said anti-malaria commodities worth 2.2 billion Naira were procured annually by state Government with support from partners across 839 health facilities sponsoring distribution to the last mile to prevent stock-outs and issuing to the teaming clients for free and have subsiquently been processed for this year’s in order to combat malaria in the state.

The Commissioner’ Dr.Abubakar labaran call on people’ of Kano state to avail their children for the forthcoming four days circles of mass distribution maleria prevention drugs via SMC over Four Month period of the rainy season be expected to prevent 75 percent of malaria cases and a similar proportion of severe Malaria incident when complete doses of the drugs are taken by the grace of God.

He further call on the public to ensure they air the net under the shade for 24 hours before first use and make sure the net are not hung in a place with direct sunlight or wet ,as well as sleep inside the net every night with open windows for proper ventalation.

Dr.Labaran reaffirm Kano state Goverment commitment under the leadership of Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf towards improving the healthcare system in the state by earmarking 10 percent of the Kano health trust fund for the fight against malaria and reducing the burden associated with the disease as well as other intervention such as subsidised sale of anti-malaria drugs.

He draw the attention of all to the fact that the Government alone cannot win the war against the dreaded disease without the partnership of the private sector and communities.The private sector can asist in fighting Malaria by supporting and funding maleria elimination initiativses while individuals and communities can contribute to collective efforts to fight maleria by keeping their environment clean as itis the breeding site for mosquetos this can be achieved through the elimination of stagnant water in rain gutters,okd tires, buckets, plastic covers,toys,broken bottles or any other containers were pest can bread.Empty and change the water in bird baths , fountains,wading poods,rain barrels and patted plant trays at least once a week to destroy potential habitors.


On Motherhood day Dr.Abubakar Labaran also said

Maternal mortality is one of the major public heath challenges in sub-Saharan Africa including Nigeria.However, since the coming of this administration, the State Government has been doing well in reducing the maternal mortality rate in the state in collaboration with partners, institutions and philanthropists, among others.



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