Kano People Shows Awareness, Tolerance, Courage And Stayed Firm For Success Of Abba In Apex Court— Hon Dr.Sani MD

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

It has been stated that the people of Kano State have shown awareness, tolerance and courage in staying firm for seeing that they were assured of the success of their election of Governor Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf until the Supreme Court has affirm him..

Strong Kwankwasiyya supporter in Kano State, Hon (Dr) Muhammad MD Hassan, disclosed this while Speaking to journalists in Kano.

He expressed his deep gratitude for the support and solidarity shown by the people of Kano State to Governor Abba by praying and calling for justice to be given to them in their choice.

Hon. (Dr.) Muhammad MD.Hassan pray for God to hold the hand of Governor Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf in carrying out development projects in Kano State as he has started within a few months of his swearing in.

He said that in this process of Government of Kwankwasiyya political movement he assured to the people’s of Kano state they should wait to see the kind of good works that will be done in many areas that will bring out more values of Kano State.

Hon.Dr. Muhammad Hassan MD. shows that this kind of hard working ,courage and dedication under Kwankwasiyya is not a strange thing, because they have inherited the dedication and hard working b from their leader Kwankwaso which In his previous administrations he carried out activities that promoted the development of Kano and became prominent in Nigeria.



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