Kano Hisbah Board Gives Prostitutes, Others 2 Weeks To Repent

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In his fight against immorality in Kano State, the Hisbah Board commander-general, Sheikh Amin Ibrahim Daurawa, has warned all effeminates, prostitutes and other morally-derailed persons to repent within the next two weeks or face the wrath of the law.
He stated this on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Hausa Service on Monday when he responded to questions on his recent reconciliation with Kano State governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf.
Daurawa had resigned as commander-general of the Hisbah Board following comments by the governor of infringement and abuse of fundamental human rights by men of the Hisbah.
However, the stage governor refused to accept his resignation for which they had a reconciliation meeting on Monday night at the Kano Government House.
The state government had announced that Sheikh Daurawa will continue as the commander-general of Hisbah Board.
Responding to questions from newsmen, he announced his new plans for the board that include training and retraining of the officers and men of the Board.
“We are going to continue with the work we started, fighting immorality in Kano and ensuring uprightness especially among the young folks. The Kano State Governor has promised to assist the Hisbah Board with the required working tools.
“As you already know the governor has not accepted my resignation and had instructed me to continue as the commander-general of the Hisbah. The governor has promised to continue to support and encourage the Board in its activities, so I am now back to continue.
“Nothing has changed in our work now that we have returned, in fact is like we have been empowered to do even better than before by His Excellency.
“As a result of this I will like to issue this announcement to all effeminates, prostitutes and the morally derailed persons to repent or leave Kano within the next two weeks.
“We have printed out a repentance form for all of those interested in repenting. They will undergo a capacity building training and will be provided with start-up kits. Those from among them that are not from Kano will be taken back to their states of abode.
“We are going to engage our men and officers in training and retraining to conform with what the law wants as we engage in cleansing the state of immoral acts.
“We shall establish a Hisbah Training School where our men and officers can obtain diplomas and certificates in the job and have on the job training as well.
“We are also going to establish a Legal Department as well as an ICT Department. By the grace of God Hisbah will continue its operations with full observance of law and order,” Sheikh Daurawa told the BBC Hausa service on Monday.


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