Kano Hisbah Arrests Another TikToker Over Alleged Promotion Of Lesbianism

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The Kano State Hisbah Board has apprehended another popular TikToker, Ramlat Princess, for allegedly posting explicit content on her TikTok page promoting lesbianism.
The Sharia enforcement agency, established to enforce moral standards in the society, confirmed the arrest through a video shared on its official TikTok platform. The TikToker was arrested on Thursday night.
Ramlat Princess, known for her bold and unconventional content, had recently posted a video popularising lesbianism, sparking outrage on social media, especially in Kano State.
In the video, she boldly asserted that her future husband must allow her to date other women.
The arrest followed the recent arrest and detention of another well-known TikToker, Murja Kuna, who is currently awaiting trial at a Correctional facility in the State.
The Hisbah Board’s crackdown on TikTokers posting content deemed inappropriate has intensified, signaling a stricter stance on maintaining the religious and cultural values of the Kano people.
The Hisbah Board is sending a clear message that violations of religious and cultural norms, especially through social media platforms, will not be tolerated.


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