Kano: Hausa In Yoruba Land Task Tinubu On Rule Of Law

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President Bola Ahmad Tinubu has been called upon by leadership of the Hausa communities in southwestern Nigeria to abide by the rule of law in his position as a renowned democrat.
The call was made yesterday in a statement issued in Kano by the Makaman Yammacin Nigeria of the six Yoruba states of the Southwest, Alhaji Jubrin Balarabe Madobi while dismissing a contrary call made in the name of the group.
Another group had called on President Tinubu to intervene in the outcome of the Supreme Court on Kano governorship crisis to avoid any eruption of violence as a result. Leader of the Hausa community dismissed the call saying they are not aware of it and called on the president to allow justice to take its cause.
He warned that there are politicians engaging in all forms of activities to ferment trouble and disrupt the peace being enjoyed in Kano to satisfy their personal whims.
“I, Alhaji Jubrin Balarabe, in my position as the Makaman Yammacin Nigeria of the Six Yoruba States of the Southwest wish to dissociate from the meeting and it’s outcome. It is a fraud, and was manipulated by some interested parties.
“I wish to call on our President Bola Ahmad Tinubu to disregard the call and threat to peace, perpetrated by the impersonators and allow justice to take its cause.
“The issue is indeed before the Supreme Court of the land and it’s decision is final, as a renown democrat Nigerians are confident that the President will never heed to any call to disrupt the path of justice.
“It is worth mentioning that there are politicians who are hell bent on fermenting trouble and threatening the nascent peace being enjoyed by the people of Kano to satisfy their personal whims and caprices. The president should beware of such politicians.
“We hereby reiterate our position as people and leaders of the Hausa communities in the six Yoruba States, that we condemn the meeting they held, we have no hand in it, and we call on the President and Nigerians alike to stand by the law of the land and allow justice take it’s natural cause. Interfering with the process will be undemocratic and tantamount to contempt of court.
“We finally call on the people of Kano in particular, and Nigerians in general to remain calm and go by the decision of the Supreme Court of the on the issue of Governorship of Kano,” the Hausa chief declared,” he stated.


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