Kano Government Is Committed To The  Development Of Mobile Phone Sellers

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

Kano State Government under the leadership of Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf will come up with plans to help the development of phone sallers in the State.

The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor, Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf on the GMS Matters “SSA GSM Matters”.Hon. Shehu Sani Igwe disclosed this when the “Mobile phone sellers association” MOPSA” visited the commissioner for Specially duties.Hajiya Amina HOD to congratulate Governor Abba on the confirmation of his victory by the Supreme Court.

He said that among the plans that the Kano Government will give to the phone seller, they will also send them abroad learn more about v modern phones business and build more new phone markets for them, and give training youths and support them with capitals in the Gsm business.

Hon.Shehu Sani Igwe called on the Gsm sellers to always be united this will make them to benefit more from the Government plans for development of their business.

In his address the president of Mobile phone sellers Association “MOPSA” Kano State branch who is also the chairman of Bata Global phone market. Alhaji Ahmad Tijjani Isma’il said that the visit is to congratulate the governor of Kano state on his confirmation of the election that the people of Kano voted for him by the Supreme Court verdict.

Tijjani added that the success is for people of Kano as a whole therefore “MOPSA” brought the Commissioner of Special duties visit and present their congratulations to the Government.






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