Kano Court Bars Council Chairman Form Office Over Abuse Allegations

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A Kano High Court has issued an interim order barring Honorable Khalid Ishaq Diso from acting as the Gwale Local Government Council Chairman.
Lawyer Bala Nomau’s ex parte application led to the ruling by Justice Aisha Ibrahim Mahmoud.
The court’s directive explicitly prohibits Hon. Khalid Ishaq Diso, along with his representatives, agents, privies, and associates, from assuming any role as the Local Government Council Chairman pending the hearing of the motion on notice.
Diso’s suspension for alleged abuse of office, initially imposed by the Kano Assembly committee, was extended until January 30, 2024.
The applicants, Ghali Nalele Bature and Ghali Umar Diso filed the lawsuit against Diso, the Kano Local Government Ministry, the State Assembly, the Kano Police Commissioner, and the Gwale Council.
The case resumes on January 5, 2024, with further legal battles expected regarding Diso’s suspension and the leadership turmoil within the Gwale Local Government Council.



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