Kano Cleric Caution Tinubu against Military Action On Niger Coupists

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By Bello Hamza, Abuja

An Islamic cleric in Kano state, and the president of the Association of African Astrologers, Sheikh Muhajjadina Sani Kano, has cautioned the President of Nigeria, Bola Ahmad Tinubu to avoid a military invasion of Niger Republic under the disguise of restoring democracy in the country. The cleric said the best solution to the crisis is reconciliation.

Sheikh Muhajjadina Sani Kano stated this while interacting with journalists in Abuja, where he expressed his opinion regarding the resolution of ECOWAS against the coupists in the Niger Republic. The cleric said; “Nigeria is a strong nation in all ramifications. This is not a war between Nigeria and Niger. It is between the ECOWAS which Nigeria is a signatory, and has the economic power to take the responsibility of soldiers and weapons to fight this war”, he analyzed.

The cleric further said that the rest of the countries that are signatories of ECOWAS will contribute with a few soldiers and weapons.

“All these things that are happening, we have since illuminated them after our research and foresight. Nigeria and Niger are twin brothers. They have a strong bond. Anything that affects Niger affects Nigeria and vice versa. The war will affect Nigeria. The war can be won or lost. Because the soldiers that made the coup d’état in Niger, will fight extremely to protect their lives”, he said.

Sheikh Muhajjadina said the war will be a catastrophic one that will end up making innocent lives and properties destroyed. “The economy of Nigeriens will be devastated. It is better to choose tactfulness and consultation to maintain peace in Niger”, he stressed.

The cleric said instead of fighting, they should sit and reconcile with the leaders of the coup to proffer a solution without bloodshed; “In our analysis, our results show us the best way to bring an end to this coup is through reconciliation. Sit with the coupists and make peace with them. Let’s not use force. The ECOWAS should be cautious to avoid bloodshed of innocent lives”, he emphasized.

He cautioned that some miscreants will use the war to destabilize the country.

He called on President Bola Ahmad Tinubu as the President of ECOWAS to review the resolution of the body. “There is no win if you choose to go for the war”, he emphasized.

He drew the attention of those that cheered for war, saying what follows after the war is regret. He urged Nigerians to continue praying and advocating for peace in both countries.


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