Kano Civil Society Forum Dissolved The Interim Leadership Of The Forum 

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

In a statement released to newsmen from KSCF’s secretariat under the chairmanship of Abdullahi Y. Sule, disclosed the decision comes in response to what they claim are violations of democratic principles and good governance within the organization.

KCSF, which represents over 100 civil society and pro-democracy organizations in Kano State, was established in 2012 with the mission to promote democracy, human rights, good governance, and peace and security in the state and Nigeria.

Concerned Members emphasized that these violations have far-reaching implications, including undermining the forum’s credibility, advocacy capacity, and its ability to champion citizens’ rights.

They called for the dissolution of the interim leadership and urged the BOT to facilitate a congress meeting where democratically elected executives can emerge.

The Concerned Members however called for calm and law-abiding behavior among all KCSF members during these challenging times as they continue to push for the establishment of a democratically elected leadership within the forum.

They requested the general public to refrain from engaging with the dissolved interim leadership and direct all official matters to the KCSF BOT until new leadership is established.



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