Kannywood Actress Mansurah Urges Parents To Allow Their Girls Get HPV Vaccine

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A popular Kannywood Actress, Mansurah Isah has urged parents and caregivers to allow their girls get the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine to save them from cervical and other forms of Cancers.

The Kano-born actress, script writer and producer made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday, in Abuja.

The mother of four said she recently took her only biological daughter to get the HPV Vaccine, adding that, this is the first time that such vaccine is given free of charge.

According to her, some years ago, the Vaccine cost between N40,000 to N60,000.

“So I want to use this opportunity as an actress, entrepreneur, humanitarian and philanthropist to urge people to know that HPV Vaccine is free and our girls, ladies and women should go out there and get it.

“The reason why it is important to have the vaccine is to help prevent Cervical Cancer which in Hausa we call it ‘Cutar Sankarar Mahaifa”, she said.

“Please, let us save ourselves, our daughters and mothers. My friend’s grandmother was recently diagnosis of cervical cancer and it is not a joke at all.

“With this, I once again urge all ladies and women out there to go and get the vaccine. It is free. You don’t have to pay for it,” Isah stressed.

On HPV leading to infertility, the movie star said all those misconception of infertility is fake news. It is propaganda by people who want the system to give them money to campaign for them.

“Please, don’t listen to negative propaganda, save yourselves; save our girls and their future by allowing them to get the HPV Vaccine,” Isah reiterated.

She said that her daughter just got the HPV Vaccine, adding that she directed them to video her daughter while taking the vaccine.

“I did it so that people will know that, if I will allow my only biological daughter to take the Vaccine, then they should not be afraid to do same.

“It is not only my biological daughter, I have three adopted girls. Before coming to Abuja, I directed them to go to the nearest health centre and get the HPV vaccine.

The ‘Fanan’; ‘Akeela’ and
‘Fate of Alakada’ Kannywood movie star also narrated the issue of Polio Vaccination.

She said, “I remember during the Polio Vaccine Campaigns, some people refused their children to be vaccinated, today those children have become cripple and are suffering from disability.

“Those children, who are now adults always say they will never forgive their parents and grandparents for not allowing them to be vaccinated against Polio because of misconception”, she said.


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