I’ve Accepted Supreme Court Ruling As God’s Decision – Gawuna

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Dr Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna, the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kano State, says he has accepted the Supreme Court judgment on the governorship dispute in the state as God’s decision.
Gawuna stated this during an interview with BBC Hausa.
Gawuna and Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) had locked horns in a fierce legal battle after the March 2023 governorship election.
On Friday, the Supreme Court affirmed Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf of the NNPP as the duly elected governor of Kano State.
Citing malpractices, the tribunal and Appeal Court had sacked Abba as the governor of the state, but the Supreme Court on Friday upturned the lower courts’ rulings.
During the BBC interview, Gawuna said that the Supreme Court judgment is God’s decision, saying he had accepted it in good faith.
He said, “This judgment is God’s decision and we have accepted it. As we prayed that if it is good for us let Him grant us from His bounty and if it is otherwise he would replace it with something better. We are very sure that God has answered our prayers. He is All-wise. We are thankful to Allah, the Almighty.
“Our supporters should understand that Allah, the Almighty is the Designer of everything and has destined this to happen. Everyone should calm down and accept God’s decision.
“This is what all leaders should do after exhausting court processes. Even before the litigation, I wished him well. Our prayers are always to Allah to make him a just leader for all, especially now that he has been affirmed as the duly elected governor of the state. Every patriotic citizen should pray so.
“We will keep on praying for all our leaders from the President down to councillors to be a leader for all.
“My message to the people of Kano State is to live in peace and to be obedient. They should be firm on moral upbringing, which is degenerating. People should keep on praying. God does not err. He is All-knowing. We should keep on praying for peace in Kano State and Nigeria in general; and to ask Allah to bestow upon us richness and good health.
“Everybody knows what happened. Our party, which is above all, took the matter to court and we followed. After the processes, Allah, the Almighty decided and we have accepted His decision.
“Islamic Religion is a total way of life. We are praying to Allah to grant us the opportunity to do what is right and we are optimistic He will keep on assisting us.
“Whoever knows Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna knows that our future lies in the hands of Allah. He would decide for us.”



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