Isyaka Rabiu Islamic University Will Soon Take-off In Kano

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

The Islamic University, was a project initiated by the late Khalifa Isyaka Rabiu.All arrangements for the take-off of the university were already completed.Alhaji Rabiu Isyaku Rabiu said this while Speaking with press in Kano.

He said: “By the grace of God next one month coming, students will start receiving lectures in the university.

He said the only problem in the university is that the students who applied for the entrance into the university are too many, more than the capacity of the university.

“Already we have met with my 

brothers and decided to expand another additional campus so as to absorb the exact number of the qualified students.

“I am assuring you that this university is a fully Qur’an-oriented university, even though there will be some scientific programmes and some mechan-ical, but purely is a Qur’anic oriented Is-

lamic University.

“Apart from these,they have bought the late family houses  

in Jakara to establish a kind of Islamic Institution there as part of their support as

a sons and the blood of the late Khadimul Qur’an, Sheik Khalifa Isyaku Rabiu.

“The school will be purely for those

who are qualified in reciting the Glorious Qur’an and it is for two sides, males and females. 

Alhaji Karami said “for the female section, it will be soon opened in the next one month and for the

male section, it will be in sha allah in the next two months.

“So my hope and aspiration are that all the lecturers and teachers will be drawn from foreign Islamic countries, like Egypt

and Saudi Arabia.


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