Institute Lauds Troops’ Onslaught Against Bandits In Niger

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The director general of the Institute of Leadership Assessment and Development of Nigeria (ILADN), Dr Baba Ransome Adamu, has lauded the Armed Forces’ resolute action against the long-standing menace of banditry in Niger State.
Addressing newsmen in Abuja yesterday, Adamu also hailed the Armed Forces of Nigeria’s relentless efforts to maintain peace and security within the nation.
He particularly noted that under the exemplary leadership of Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Musa, the Armed Forces of Nigeria initiated a significant and commendable offensive operation in Niger State.
He said the operation aimed at ridding the state of the persistent threat posed by bandits who have been terrorising the region for several years was laudable.
Dr Adamu noted that this decisive action was long overdue and showcased the military’s commitment to safeguarding the lives and property of Nigerians.
The director general stressed the importance of addressing the security challenges that have plagued Niger State, causing fear and instability among its residents.
He emphasised that the Armed Forces’ operation in the region not only demonstrated their dedication to national security but also sent a powerful message to criminal elements across the country that their actions would not be tolerated.
Dr Adamu further commended the meticulous planning and execution of the operation, which resulted in the apprehension of several high-profile bandit leaders and the liberation of numerous communities that had suffered under the grip of the criminals.
He applauded the military’s strategy, intelligence gathering and coordination in carrying out successful campaigns against banditry.
Dr Adamu also called on the federal and state governments to provide sustained support to the Armed Forces in their quest to maintain peace and security across Nigeria.
He stressed that such support should include adequate funding, modern equipment and training to empower the military in effectively combating various security threats.
He equally urged the authorities to work collaboratively with neighbouring states and international partners to prevent cross-border criminal activities and enhance regional security.
Dr Adamu also emphasised the importance of a unified approach to tackling the complex security challenges facing the country.



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