INAC 2019: Yobe Highlights Health benefits of ‘Goruba’

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Mr Modu Bukar, Executive Director, Yobe Council for Arts and Culture, has advised Nigerians to embrace the use of pomegranate, locally known as ‘Goruba’, because of its health benefits.
Bukar gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday at Yobe Stand during the ongoing 2019 International Arts and Crafts Expo in Abuja.
According to him, dried and preserved Goruba fruit cures many ailments such as diabetics, blood clots, digestion and pains from domestic and fatal accidents.
“We are blessed with Goruba fruits in Yobe State and we preserve it by drying.
”Goruba is soaked in water for a while after which the water is consumed by any woman still having pains after giving birth.
“The Goruba water can also be taken by anyone who is constipated because it aids digestion.
“Goruba can also be eaten like kolanuts, however, the fruit is it not common in most parts of the country,” he said
Bukar said that the state had also creatively adopted the use of the leaves as rafia in mat weaving.
He said that Nigeria was blessed with many such fruits and herbs, adding that  international recognition and patronage was needed to develop them to boost nation’s economy.
Bukar, however, urged visitors to take advantage of the efficacy of the dried Goruwa fruit which is available in large quantity in Yobe.
“This is a fruit we all should have in our homes because it has curative tendencies for diabetic patients and  relieves chronic pains amongst other benefits.
” The consumption of Goruba fruit and water have no side effects,” he said.

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