I Impressed With On Going Kano International Trade Fair —Hon. Nahabu

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

The commissioner of commerce trade and investment Katsina state.Hon.Adnan Nahabu said he is expecting 44th edition of on going Kano state international trade fair Will boast the economic of state and it’s neighboring to provide better opportunity for traders and improves commercial activities.

The commissioner said this while speaking with press when he attended the opening ceremony of trade fair in Kano.

He said they do hold annual trade fair in Katsina state and soon they will organised.And they have good trading relationship between Katsina and kano. There are alot of Katsina people’s that operate business in Kano they have industries and build there business in Kano which is boasting the economic activities of Kano and Katsina.

Hon.Adnan Nahabu said the Kano trade Fair is excellent he was impressed and believe they have brought another dimension to be exersice and will ginger up other states to be prepared to copy and do better things.

He said there is adequate provision of security and alot of social aminities that will assist and give aboast to the tradefair.

Hon.Nahabu.said as in the position of commissioner this is his first time he is attending the trade fair,but as a private he is attending various trade fair in kaduna,Kano,Lagos and so many places.


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