Hardship: Expert Tasks Nigerian Youths On Exploring Their Talents To Stay Afloat

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Founder of Hillview Music Label, Henrietta Thompson, has called on Nigerian youths to explore their potential to stay afloat in the face of current economic hardship.
Henrietta said while there was no doubt that times were hard, any youth that put his or her skills to work, would not find it difficult to make ends meet.
She said from the moment she realised her passion and dream and decided to run with it, she had made so much progress.
According to her, Hillview, founded in 2022, had its teething problems, but that today, it can be rated as one of the prominent indigenous music companies that can compete favourably anywhere in the world.
She said rather than give up in the face of challenges, she kept at it and today the company is known for its “innovative approach to music production and artist management.”
“Hillview Music has in the space of two years, established itself as a powerhouse in the Nigerian music industry.
“The company’s journey began with a vision to create a platform with a focus on nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and pushing boundaries, and showcasing the rich diversity of music to a global audience.
“Its commitment to quality and creativity has attracted a number of talented artists, producers and songwriters, who have made significant contributions to the music scene.
“As I speak, Hillview has become home to an array of recording artists including Gospel Super Star Victor Thompson, rising star FOMA, and Ehis the Greatest.
“The label also boasts of a team of talented producers and songwriters, including renowned names like SamDuke, JoelExclusive, BJ dexterous,” she said.
She, therefore, advised youths, particularly young girls, to stand tall and run with their dreams, adding that as a lady in a men-dominated industry, she had to push to build the company to its present state.
Henrietta added, “it was not an easy journey, but today, besides the impressive line-up of artists, Hillview Music has collaborated with top industry professionals to deliver hit songs and chart-topping albums.
“The label, which handles various genre of music, has discography, which includes acclaimed projects such as ‘This Year (Blessings)’ and Blessed Album, An Afrobeat Album which have garnered critical acclaim and commercial success.
“It has also made groundbreaking partnership with a leading international music distributor, expanding its reach and influence in the global music market.
“This strategic move has enabled the label to showcase Nigerian music on a larger scale, reaching new audiences and breaking boundaries in the industry.
“So, my earnest advice to our youths is not to give up but to keep pushing till their potential put food on the table for them.”




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