Gridlock: Motorists Urge FCT To Provide Alternate Route

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Motorists plying Lokogoma-Galadimawa road in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have called on the FCT Administration to create alternative roads for commuters to ease the daily gridlock on the road.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the construction of a bridge at the Galadimawa roundabout of the road was causing gridlock during rush hours and on Tuesdays when a particular church holds its worship.

Mrs Bintu Satome, a Civil Servant complained that she gets to the office late almost on a daily basis due to ongoing construction work on the road.

“I leave home early everyday but always get to work late.

“I have been living at Lokogoma in the last 10 years but the gridlock caused by the ongoing construction work is embarrassing. I plead with the government to create alternative routes for us.

“There are alternative routes at Gaduwa and Gudu that also leads to town, the contractors can also work on those roads to be used as alternatives pending when they would complete the Galadimawa bridge project.’’

Mr Godwin Seruta, a school bus driver, told reporters that he found it difficult to take the pupils to school daily due to congestion on the road.

He said: “parents now bring their kids to the school by driving against traffic but yet the children come late to school.’’

Mr Yusuf Mohammed, a senior civil servant, also decried the congestion on the route, complaining that the traffic officials were not doing enough to address the situation.

Mr Gora Wobin, the FCT Sector Commander, Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), told NAN that the heavy traffic on the road was caused by construction work on a bridge at the Galadimawa roundabout.

Wobin said another major cause of the traffic was the activities of some Churches in a garden close to the roundabout.

“It’s more hectic on Tuesdays because there are some worshipers who come to the garden to pray, but in other days there is free flow of traffic.

“Issues of religion are something else but I have plans to meet with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Chairman, FCT, to see what can be done about it.

“When you are controlling traffic, someone might think that you are giving preference but in traffic control, you will give preference to where the traffic is heavy to decongest it faster.

“The work too is an issue, assuming this overhead bridge has been concluded, what we are seeing now would not have happened. We would have only been standing here to monitor the excesses of the motorists.’’


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