Greedy Politicians Fueling Attack On Tinubu – Arewa Think Tank

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The Arewa Think Tank has said greedy politicians are instigating Nigerians to attack President Ahmed Bola Tinubu in reaction to the present economic hardship in the country, adding that this is not the first time such hardship is being experienced in the country.
The group said though, the economy is biting hard, it is not as serious as was experienced during the Second Republic, adding that there is hope in the horizon.
Addressing a press conference in Kaduna, the chief convener of Arewa Think Tank, Muhammad Alhaji Yakubu, said there would be light at the end of the tunnel as President Bola Tinubu could be seen working round the clock to find lasting solution to the situation.
He said; “This issue of hunger in this country has been over dramatised, with due respect to some few genuine Nigerians that really need support, why I am saying this is because, if you look at the history of Nigeria since independence, there is no regime that hunger, poverty has not been over dramatised in Nigeria. A case study is the Second Republic, it was so over dramatised that it got the then minister of transportation, late Umar Dikko so angry that he had to ask a question at that time that it was over dramatised by the opposition and some few Nigerians and the press, he angrily asked; Are Nigerians eating from the dustbins at that time?
“So I don’t want us to over dramatise this and fall into the traps of those who don’t want the administration of President Bola Tinubu to succeed. That is why I am saying this, we should be cautious because all over the world, there are economic challenges, so we shouldn’t over dramatise our own. I am not defending the government, I know that there are real issues, but let’s look at the genuine ones. We shouldn’t allow disgruntled politicians or elements in collaboration with foreigners to distabilise our country.”




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