Greed, Corruption Greater Sins Than Unlawful Sex, Gambling – Sanusi

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The 14th Emir of Kano and former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mohammad Sanusi II said greed, selfishness and envy far surpass the severity of sin of unlawful sex, homosexuality, and gambling.
Sanusi stated this in a thought-provoking virtual Ramadan lecture titled “Some Dimensions of the Concept of Ibadah.”
The former Emir of Kano, renowned for his strong views targeted at some Islamic teachings said “People observe prayers and fast but keep committing evil because our hearts are not Islamic,” he remarked.
Sanusi highlighted the root cause of social disorder in the country to lack of accountability before God.
In the lecture, the former CBN governor did not hold back on addressing corruption among political leaders, specifically referencing an unnamed governor of a Sharia-implementing state in Nigeria.
He noted that that unnamed governor was accused of embezzling public funds to purchase a hotel in Lagos while leaving his own state in dire straits.
“There was a governor implementing sharia in a Sharia state who stole public funds and bought a hotel in Lagos. And he says Allahu Akbar,” Sanusi disclosed, illustrating the irony of proclaiming religious piety while engaging in corrupt practices.
The former Emir emphasised the importance of purity of heart over mere physical acts of worship.
He argued that the moral failings of leaders
contribute significantly to societal issues such as poor education, inadequate healthcare, and rampant insecurity.
“How do you explain that you have this external religiosity and then you have so much injustice?” he questioned as he advocated for a reevaluation of what constitutes sin and moral accountability.


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