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By Sani Ahmed Sambo
When you elect a leader based on his pedigree on what it takes to rule, you sometimes become greatly astounded by the speed and level of his miraculous performance and achievements within a very short time frame.
Yes! Perhaps some people would say it is not yet time for assessment but I hold a contrary view based on my background as a classroom teacher, who values both formative and summative evaluation.
This is so because the temptation to appreciate a good deed is sometimes irresistible especially as we have begun to see the light not only at the end of the tunnel but from the very beginning of it with Dr Dauda Lawal methodically and systematically navigating the heavy waves of challenges as he fearlessly captains the sheep for Rescue Mission and is recording remarkable successes day in day out to magnitude that even the worst of his enemies would submit to his realistic decisions and action since his assumption of office.
Going down the memory lane, Since its creation in1996, Zamfara State seems to be like the proverbial ‘Saniyar Ware’ or the ‘Black sheep’ if i have to translate this with the English language equivalent of the proverb.
Previously, what always filled the airwaves and pages of electronic and print media of both local and international news outlets on Zamfara state revolve around poverty, ignorance and other negativities insecurity. No More: No less!
This negative impression (or to be candid an unspeakable reality ) about our poorly governed Zamfara in the past had thrown a clog into the wheel of our progress as a state.
Consequently, Both local and foreign investors disappeared into the thin air of doubt and distrust about the safety, security and integrity of the movers of the state at that time.
The situation remained same over the past 27 years and took the special grace of Allah to keep the state moving on its toes till the last February 2023 when Dr Dauda Lawal was declared winner in a keenly contested election ever in the history of Zamfara State. It was an election in which every known political warlord including four former Governors pinched a unified tent, gathered their arsenals and turned all their political artillery against a very promising politician who believed in the power of God Almighty Who gives and takes power unconditionally.
A man with God is the majority, and like a celebrated sniper, Dr lawal brought all of them down with a single shot during the February election 2023 through the might of Allah ‘Da ikon Allah’ which seems to be his ‘nuclear weapon’ against any threat of whatever kind.
Glorily be to Allah Who brought an industrialist, a professional Banker and philanthropist with quite a soft human heart who sacrificed his comfort and GOD-given affluence and influence provided by his beautiful career and business enterprise to come home for service to humanity which is service to God.
Dr Dauda Lawal came loaded with 6 Rescue mission SMART agenda on Security, Agriculture, education, health economy and empowerment. These agenda were carefully chosen based on the needs analysis of the people in the state and not from whims and caprices like we experienced in the past.
The agenda emerged as the outcome of SWOT and Bottleneck analysis of realistic challenges that have over the years held Zamfara and its people to ransom.
Prior to his homecoming for service as a Governor, most of the investors deserted the state and weren’t ready to part with a dime despite the abundant and potentially viable natural resources available for investment in the state.
What a turn of event! Because Under normal circumstances Zamfara should be a beehive of investment or better still a Paradise of investors in Nigeria.
With the Coming on board of Governor Dauda Lawal on the 29th of May 2023, Zamfara is gradually coming back to life and limelight.
In the last few days, Zamfara state Governor Dauda Lawal played host to a number of very important national and international organizations and highly placed individuals from within and out Nigeria who came to offer support and partnership opportunities for the development of the state in various sectors: Education, Health Agriculture, Education Name it!
Some of these heartwarming and rewarding engagements were with officials of organizations like UNICEF, DFID, Islamic Bank, and others while individuals like Alhaji Mustapha Falaki MD Minjirya Health Services and Hon Aminu Jamo Daura came to donate Hospital equipment worth Hundred of Millions of Naira courtesy of a very good friendship for decades with our Governor Dauda Lawal.
Oh’ Allah we thank You for Dr Dauda Lawal as we keep our fingers crossed and pray for his success at all times.
Dr. Sani is the MC/Press Secretary Zamfara Gov’t House



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