Gov. Lawal Visits Water Resources Minister, Urges Completion Of Zamfara Dam Projects 

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Governor Dauda Lawal has urged the Federal Government to enhance the completion and utilization of the ongoing dam projects in Zamfara State.

The governor appealed on Tuesday during an official visit to the Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, Engineer Professor Joseph Terlumun Utsav.

A statement by the spokesperson of the Zamfara Governor, Sulaiman Bala Idris, said the meeting addressed essential matters related to water projects in Zamfara.

According to him, Governor Lawal highlighted the importance of dams in providing a sustainable water source for the state’s growing population and their potential to boost agricultural productivity and overall economic growth.

The governor emphasized the need for the Federal Government to allocate adequate funding to complete these projects, given their critical role in addressing the state’s water scarcity and promoting socio-economic development.

Furthermore, Governor Lawal appealed for the completion and utilization of the dam project in the state to scale up irrigation farming.

In his remark, the Minister promised Governor Lawal that a team of specialists from his ministry would be sent to Zamfara shortly to evaluate the water conditions and recommend the required actions comprehensively.

Spokesperson for the Zamfara Governor
March 27, 2024


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