Gov. Buni Not Aware Of Abba Damaturu’s Arrest, Orders His Release

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By Muhammad Maitela, Damaturu

Yobe State Governor, Hon. Mai Mala Buni, said he was not aware of the arrest of Abba Damaturu or anyone for criticising his government and ordered for his immediate release.

In a statement issued by the Gov. Buni’s Director General for Press and Media Affairs, Alhaji Mamman Mohammed, and available to journalists in Damaturu, Yobe state capital, on Friday.

Mamman Mohammed said these is no doubt that this is not in the character and personality of Governor Buni to harass or intimidate anyone. In fact, the like of Abba Damaturu would be the last person Governor Buni will ever contemplate giving orders for his arrest. This is not in his character.

“We find it very worthless and unnecessary to join issues with comments on social media linking the arrest of Abba Damaturu with the state government.”

“Therefore, it is a great disservice and misleading to assume and conclude that the said Abba was arrested because he criticised government, and/or on the orders of the state government, without establishing the reason(s) for his alleged arrest.”

“We have deliberately refused to respond to some people who have recently wanted to drag government into arguments to attract undue recognition and will not succumb to blackmail in this case, too.”

Throughout the period that the self acclaimed critics were at Freedom radio with fabrications and deliberate mischief that displayed their ignorance on governance, there was no single official response to the mischief.

He said, it was some youths who voluntarily went to the same radio station as private citizens to counter the allegations made by Abba and others and NOT on the orders of the state government.

Adding that, for the avoidance of doubt, Governor Buni, at a public function, directed those countering the critics to desist. He also made it in clear and unambiguous terms that he does not approve anyone to insult or fight anyone criticising his administration.

It is therefore ironic that the governor who refused anyone engaging others in his defence will order the arrest of such persons.

The public may wish to recall that one Umar Garba, the Nguru teenager who was arrested last year for criticising the government, was ordered for immediate release when it came to the knowledge of Governor Buni.

This, indeed, is an open display of the humane and accommodating character of Governor Mai Mala Buni, which should be appreciated and lauded as a tolerant leader.


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