Gaza War May Cause Global Famine, Varsity Don Warns

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A professor of plant anatomy and taxonomy in the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), Abdullahi Alanamu, has warned against the looming famine across the globe as a result of war in Gaza.
Alanamu during an interview with LEADERSHIP in Ilorin, Kwara State, said the ongoing conflict in Gaza between Palestine and Israel has affected plants and waters and destroyed forests.
Frowning at the posture of the United Nations and world powers to the wars around the globe, the university teacher cautioned that it would take decades to wipe out pollutants released to the environment through atomic chemicals.
Alanamu who called for harmonious living among the people around the globe described the ongoing wars as pandemic to world peace like COVID-19 and Ebola virus whose aftermath would result in health challenges to human beings and the environment as wildlife is also affected.
On how manufacturing firms pollute the environment, Alanamu sought faithful implementation of environmental laws to minimise the impact of pollution from manufacturers.
He called on the government to encourage tree planting in various communities to avert desertification while stressing the need to embark on afforestation programmes like the Green Reyahd project in Saudi Arabia.
Alanamu also asked the government to subsidise or make the use of kerosene free to discourage people from using charcoal and firewood.


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