Galadima Market Traders Provide NSCDC Outpost To Improve Security 

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

Office of NSCDC provided by Galadima Traders Association has opened in the market premises to improve the security of market.

During the opening ceremony on Tuesday the state commissioner of commerce office, Hon. Abbas Sani Abbas expressed his joy for the efforts of Galadima Market traders Association and the managing director of the Muhammadu Abubakar Rimi market for the creation of the office.

He pointed out that security is important for the development of Kano state and the country and the development of the business sector.

Abbas Sani Abbas appreciated the cooperation and support NSCDC is giving them in Kano State and will continue to cooperate with them and other security agencies to ensure security in the markets in the state.

In his speech, the Managing Director of the Muhammad Abubakar Rimi Market Alhaji Abdul Bashir Hassan, expressed his happiness with the opening of the office of the NSCDC in Galafima market and with also a police out post in the market it will improve the security more.

Abdul Bashir Hassan said that the Abubakar Rimi, Galadima and Singa Markets Authority will provide equipment to the new NSCDC out post office in Galadima market that will asist the officers.

Also in his speech, the representative of the Kano state commander of NSCDC. ACC. Musa Usman expressed his happiness for providing them with an office to provide security and they will continue to cooperate to improve the security as they work 24 hours a day.

Musa Usman said NSCDC have their main office in Fagge Local Government under the leadership of Hajiya Amina and the office of the market that has been opened will be under their supervision.

In his speech, the chairman of Galadima market association, Alhaji Mustapha Shu’aibu Sulaiman, said the opening of the office of NSCDC was a historic day for them, especially because of the arrival of the Commissioner of commerce to the market.

He pointed out that Abbas Abdullahi Abbas, the Commissioner of Commerce of Kano, always strives to put businessmen in the business of modern times by coming up with new plans for businessmen in line with modern times.

He added that appointment of businessman as the Commissioner of Commerce in Kano State and appointing the managing director of the Sabon Gari market all of them are traders is something that will help in the development of Commerce in Kano State.

Alhaji Mustapha Shu’aibu said the excellent leadership of the Commissioner of Commerce of Kano state. Hon. Abbas Sani Abbas and the managing director of the Sabongari market Hon. Abdul Bashir Hassan helped to bring about the success of the establishment of the office of the security agency that takes care of civilians and opened in Galadima market.

He pointed out that the market is suffering from some security problems such as thefts and phone snachers the providing the out post will help to eliminate them and thanked the NSCDC for there cooperation.

After the opening the NSCDC Outpost office by the commissioner of commerce.Hon.Abbas Sani Abbas.The chairman of the Galadima Market traders Association

Alhaji Mustapha Shu’aibu Sulaiman presented special award to Kano state Governor Engineer Abba Kabir for praising and contributing he is offering to the development of business in Kano State.


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