FUDMA Leadership Crisis: A Bid For Internal Stability And Rectitude

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Back then in 2012, the federal government under the watch of President Good luck Jonathan decided to bridge the gap between the states with a federal University and the ones with none so that access to education could be entrenched to the disadvantaged states educationally. This gave birth to institution like FUDMA and it’s like, this development has undoubtedly served it’s purpose in that many among the youth of those states have had opportunities to pursue high- to some higher degrees within their localities. However based on how these institution are fairing, their level of development and stability, these Universities differs disproportionately, some have enjoyed relative stability while others have experienced one turbulence or the other within their respective takeoff periods.

Federal University Dutsinma has fallen among the later. Since it’s takeoff,the institution has been navigating against some powerful tides that at some points stagnated and even retarded it’s development and this has limited the acceleration of the University to it’s rightful place among it’s pairs in our country. Sadly this is to a large extent caused by the internal instability the University has been facing from it’s establishment to date. These made the institution to have almost five successive leaderships within the spread of seven years of it’s existence. These abrupt changes to a careful observer have midwifed and culminated     to an era of summasulting and inconsistent policies which have stagnated the progress of the University.
This article is not aimed at assessing the leadership performance of the leaders that have piloted the affairs of the University at different moments, but it seek to clinically examine the cause of the crises of the University,make diagnosis and profer solutions.

To this end, the following need to be looked into.
1. The six months period which is given to elected acting vice Chancellors should be reviewed.
2. The University should as a matter of necessity look into urgently resolving the court case so that the University would have a substantive  leadership.
The above recommendation can be achieved by maintaining one person as the acting vice Chancellor who will see to the achievement of the second objective. As internal observers we strongly believe in rule of law and due process, we recommend that the recent court injunction or verdict that Professor Armayau Hamisu Bichi should continue overseeing the affairs of the University pending the last ruling of the court on Professor Haruna Kaita case. This suggestions was informed by the careful look of how the duo managed the institution when he served as the acting vice Chancellor and the fact that he has previously served as the dean of the faculty of Agriculture and later the deputy vice Chancellor, the positions none among the other acting vice Chancellors has held.

This will undoubtedly bring decorum and order in the system and will help the University achieve some level of sanity and development.

By Concerned FUDMA Staff


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