FG Charged On Speedy Trial Of Detainees

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A non-governmental organisation (NGO), Citizens’ Gavel in collaboration with Lunae Centre for Penal and Justice Development (CPJD) with the support of UNODC has called for the strengthening of support for the government and other stakeholders to ensure the speedy trial of criminal cases in the country.
The executive director of CPJD, Sulayman Kuku-Dawodu stated that foundation recently implemented a project in Maiduguri Wawa Military Detention Center, where a number of Boko Haram detainees were legally represented after a long period of detention..
Kuku-Dawodu noted that the outcome of the project showcased or demonstrated flagrant abuse of human rights of thousands of detainees, detained between 10-14 years without charge in some cases and some charged but not prosecuted by the Federal Government m
The project also revealed that a large number of these detainees are low level participants, who in some cases are victims of circumstances by their accounts and evidence proffered against them albeit many have indicated willingness to plead guilty due to the extended period in custody.”
He therefore called on the federal government through the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation to take all reasonable measures in ensuring speedy disposal of some of these low level suspects/defendants detained over the years in Maiduguri and Kainji military detention facilities.
He highlighted some pivotal actions to resolve these cases including; proactive and expedited trial process, which deploys virtual technology through virtual hearing, granting of fiat to Borno State Attorney General to prosecute low level defendants and rehabilitate those willing to plead guilty, amongst several interventions.
The Center contended that the implementation of these measures will ensure decongestion of these facilities and appearance of fairness in the trial process.




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