Federal Government Urge To Support The Operations Of ‘Bureau de change”

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

A renowned businessman in Kano, Alhaji Gambo Muhammad Danpass has call to the Federal Government to support the operators of bureau de change by allowing them to get foreign currencies directly  from the central bank.

He made the call while speaking with journalist adding that this will help in the improvement of business activities especially for those who will use the currency to import goods to the country.

Alhaji Gambo Muhammad Danpass said as the Federal Government lift the ban for importing of some commodities to the country by  giving   bureau de change operators ability  to get hard currency from the central bank will ease the importars to get the dollar from them rather to go directly to Central bank.

Alhaji Gambo Muhammad Danpass who is the traditional title holder of Dansaran Kano has  blame the former Governor of the central bank for bringing some policies that assist in crippling the businesses activities of bureau de change.and course  difficult situation for importer’s.

He said every were in the world  there is activities of  bureau de change operators because they  assist business activities by providing  the foreign  currencies to  business activities  in order to make it successful.

Alhaji Gambo Muhammad Danpass said for a long time they have been calling and beging  for  the previous Government under Buhari administration to open the land boarders for importing goods but they didn’t listen,But this new  Government came and sees the importance of allowing traders to import goods to the country they hope that all the boarders will be open.

Gambo Muhammad Danpass  also call to the Government to make efforts to ensure fully power generation in the country especially in  northern states this will help in reviving of our manufactured and and  creating more jobs opportunities to the teeming youths.




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