Expert Calls on Govt for Support of Artificial Intelligence for ICT Revolution

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An IT expert and Executive Director, NETSAT Media, Mr Collins Nnabugwu has urged the federal government to improve funding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) research to revolutionise development of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the country.
Nnabugwu, the Country Ambassador for the Global Startup Ecosystem made the call on Monday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.
He said that AI was the way to go for ICT development in the present age because it touches all the spheres of life.
“AI for some time has been and going to continue to be the centre of all our activities; from education, to health, to all other sectors without exemption.
“AI collects the algorithm information and store it for that, it can predict what our daily activities might be.
“AI can solve most of the problems we have; now an example is Google that can provide almost all the answers to questions given to it because it contains the information store on it.
“An information that can take a whole warehouse can be stored in a tiny chip and also processed in a split seconds,’’ he said.
Nnabugwu, an Alumnus of the prestigious Beijing International Studies University, urged the government to take the issue of AI seriously because it was the only way to catch up with the developed countries.
“AI should be taught in schools from primary to tertiary, it must be made compulsory, so that by the time the young ones gets to the peak of their career, AI has already been sunk into their system.
“Government needs to invest in data because it is life, data is the new oil, and nobody cares about oil now but technology. More institutes teaching artificial intelligence and what has to do with AI.
“It will help the country to grow the economy both agriculture, industry, tourism and many more.
“Government should start with the introduction of AI in schools because education is the bedrock of development, of course, it will then trickle down to health, economy and others research centres, he said.
Nnabugwu said that the satellite Nigeria launched into the space could help solve many data problems especially in the storage of data and demography useful for economic development.
“The satellite from information is been put into metrological use weather forecast, but not much of AI, there should be a synergy between all the government agencies about this satellite especially the private sector.
“Nigeria having the satellite is not enough but putting it into optimum use engaging all the personnel to benefit from it to bring innovations,’’ Nnabugwu said.


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