Envoy Calls for African-descendants Inclusion in all Societies

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Marta Gonzalez, Charge D’ Affairs, Argentine Embassy, Abuja has called for the total inclusion of Afro-descendants in all societies, especially Western Societies.

She made this known in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja during the commemoration of the Afro Culture and Afro Descendants day in Argentina.

The day is marked on Nov. 8 every year.

She said the Argentine government in 2013 set the date to honour Maria Remedios del Valle, an Afro-descendants who fought under the command of Manuel Belgrano’s army during the Independence war.

Gonzalez said due to the contributions of an Afro descendant to Argentina’s independence, Afro descendants are treated equally and with same opportunities as every other citizen.

She said that as part of activities commemorating the day, the Embassy brought together Female African Artists to showcase the power, strength and beauty of women through arts.

“It is an exhibition that commemorates the day of Afro-culture and afro-descendants in Argentina, there is a display of art works from four different Nigerian artists and one Pakistani artist by Agamah publishing.

“One of the reasons this day is celebrated in Argentina is to make visible the facts that there are African culture and African descendants in Argentina and this is our way to honour it.

“Because we do not see the afro descendants as different or inferior, we are just one human race and we are equal.

“In Argentina, we are a very diverse country and we have influences from both European and African countries so we try to embrace them all and make them feel welcomed in their diversities,” Gonzalez said.

Also speaking to NAN, Lady Ngozi Akande, former president, Female Artist Association of Nigeria lauded Argentina for recognizing the African race, a rare gesture in some western societies.

Akande said that the Embassy has used the art exhibition as a medium to portray the strength and bravery of African women who contrary to some beliefs are relegated to the background.

“We are exhibiting in this programme celebrating the Afro descendants in Argentina and it has to do with a woman so the Embassy decided to use the female artists to mark this day.

“And we were given a theme which we worked on and I am happy because it is very rare for the Western world to celebrate an African woman.

“She fought a war and conquered and in 2013, she was recoginised and today they are celebrating Maria Remedios del Valle.

“We are happy to be part of this programme, exhibition and as you can see, the works represented here depicts the strength of an African woman like one of my paintings is titled,” Akande said.

Susa Garrido, Diretor, Agamah Publishing and co-organiser of the exhibition, said that the exhibitors were able to put great pieces together in-line with the theme.

Garrido said that the exhibition also met the expectations of the Embassy which aims at portraying the strength and bravery of African women.

She also commended Argentina and the Embassy for celebrating African rich culture and the wonderful people of Africa, especially the African descendants in Argentina.


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