Edo Farmers Lose N2bn, Demand Govt’s Support

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Farmers in Edo State have lost over N2 billion to flooding incidences this year, according to the Chairman of the Edo State chapter of the Farmers Association of Nigeria, FAN, Alhaji Bako Dogwo.
Dogwo said that Ilushi and Anegbete communities and their environs were at the receiving end of the flood, with rice farmers the most affected.
Noting that farmers who got loans to improve their business suffered from poor harvest due to the devastation caused by flood, he said, “It is obvious that Edo State is always flooded during rainy season and this year was no exception. Farmers who grow rice in places like Ilushi, Anegbete and other places suffered so much. We have lost about N2 billion this year due to flood.
“Most of our members took loans to boost their business but repaying those loans is a big problem, as the yield has been affected by the flood. We are at loss now.
“The only thing we get is palliative from government, which is not enough to solve the problem brought upon us by the flood. Our hope is that something good will come our ways, just like we got seedlings from the Federal Government this year.”
He said that the Edo State government has not been helpful to the distraught farmers, while the Federal Government has continued to back them.
He added, “Edo State government has refused to come to the aid of the farmers. The government has no tractors we can use for farming, which is needed to boost our business. I don’t know why it is not doing this, but if this is done. It will go a long way to help us.”





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