Dry Season Farming More Profitable – Official

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Mr Maina Bainus, the Programme Manager, Gombe State Agricultural Development Programme (GADP), says dry season farming is more profitable than wet season farming.

Bainus made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Gombe.

He said that farming during the dry season could be more profitable because farmers would have control over some inputs including weeds and it involved less spending.

“Because some of the weeds don’t even germinate during dry season, then you have control through the release of water and farm preparations.

“You will not spend that much in terms of weeds control like in the wet season,” he said.

He advised farmers to look for good variety of seeds and to engage the services of extension officers to ensure success.

“We now have a variety of improved tomatoes seed that can give 40 tonnes from a hectare and if you don’t know this, you will just be suffering out of ignorance with very little yields.

“But when you apply same labour, you get four times because of improved seeds; that is the secret of getting more profits.

“You won’t believe it, in one hectare of tomatoes that is programmed, you can make up to N1 million.

“Somebody we advised last year did dry season farming, and was able to buy a car and has already started his building, which is now up to the roofing level,” he said.



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