Don’t Leave Gov’t Alone To Fight Insecurity, NUJ President Urges Nigerians

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An appeal has gone to Nigerians to support efforts of the government in addressing the challenges of security in the country.
President of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Mr Chris Isiguzo made the call when the President of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), Dr Ike Neliaku and his team visited him on Monday in Abuja.
Isiguzo who noted that the country is facing serious form of insecurity recalled that the NUJ recently collaborated with other stakeholders to organise a security conference where Nigerians were brought together.
The NUJ boss said the summit discussed and came out with strategies on how to resolve these challenges.
“Addressing the issue of insecurity should not be left for the government alone. It is a collective responsibility. It is something that all of us as Nigerians must come together and resolve. All of us in our small corners,” Isiguzo charged.
He urged Nigerians to provide useful information to security agencies, no matter how small, noting that what is considered as small information can go a long way to resolve a particular challenge.
“All of us can play the role of Intelligent gathering very well. Last week the governor of Niger told us that his strategy is to take control of all ungoverned territories within his state which has the largest land mass in the country.
“So, all of us must think outside of the box. If we continue to repeat the same strategy we are using over the years, we will not make any headway,” he said.
The NUJ president further charged on the need to “change our strategy and support government in our little corner to ensure that we get out of these issues of insecurity.”
He added that it was not enough to run to other countries, saying that no matter the comfort in foreign lands, Nigeria remains the best.
Isiguzo stressed that life was not easy and rosy in foreign countries as some people usually think.
“We are not the worst in terms of insecurity; go to U.S., Europe, Middle East and other places, people are not safe there. Nigeria is safe. Whatever our problems are, we can take care of them, so far we can have faith in Nigeria.
“We cannot destroy our country. So, whenever you lift your pen or smartphone to write, make sure what you are going to dish out to the public has the capacity to build and not to destroy the country,” Isiguzo stressed.
Neliaku, also sought the partnership of the NUJ to generate sustained focus on the contributions of stakeholders in different sectors.
He said both the NUJ and the NIPR play significant role in shaping public discourse, promoting transparency and upholding the values of democracy.
According to him, NIPR and NUJ are pillars of the fourth estate, tasked with the crucial responsibility of disseminating accurate information, fostering dialogue and holding power to account.
“The relationship between journalists and public relations professionals is symbiotic, built on a foundation of mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration,” Neliaku said.


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