Demolished Lagos Houses Were Developed Illegally – Commissioner

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Lagos State attorney-general and commissioner for justice, Lawal Pedro (SAN), has said the ongoing demolition exercise is being carried out to sanitise the environment because all the houses that have been pulled down were developed illegally.
Pedro, who stated this at a press conference in Ikeja, said most of the people affected by the exercise failed to carry out due diligence or obey town planning laws.
He said there must be voluntary compliance with the law and that before any building is brought down, a contravention notice must be served for six months.
The commissioner said, “Obtaining approval to build does not amount to obtaining a title to land. The fact that you applied to build a house does not amount to you owing the title to the ground.
“Somebody commenced the construction of a building at the foundation level. Officials were there asking for building approval. You have none. They served a contravention notice, but you ignored it.
“Whoever gives a bribe has also committed an offence, both the giver and the taker. On the first floor, a notice was served; on the third floor, a stop order was posted. The following day, you still see the red ink, but people continued the construction.
“When the long arm of the law comes, we feel sympathy for the offender. Let us educate and enlighten the public that if this place is for no development or you need approval before development, please obtain approval,” he said.




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