Death Toll From Israel, Palestine Conflict Nears 1,000 As 5,000 Injured

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The death toll from the ongoing violent conflict between Israel and Palestine is nearing 1,000 with over 600 Israelis and 370 Palestinians killed so far. 

It was reported that the clashes broke out after a Palestinian Islamist group, Hamas, attacked Israel on Saturday with a barrage of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, initially killing 22 people. Consequently, Israel retaliated as

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed, saying: “Our enemy will pay a price the type of which it has never known. We are in a war and we will win it.”

Israeli government said Sunday afternoon that more than 600 Israelis have been killed and 100 kidnapped in attacks from Gaza since Saturday.

It added that more than 2,000 were injured.

Also, Palestinian officials said the Artaliatory Israeli airstrikes have killed at least 370 people in the Gaza Strip, with 2 ,200 wounded.


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