Daurawa Are Grateful To The First Lady, By Ado Umar Lalu

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We are quite aware of the good things the First Lady Hajia Aisha Buhari is doing to help and improve the living standard of the ordinary men/women in our Emirate and elsewhere.
Her Excellency was the first to launched empowerment programs by distributing Keke-Napep, sewing machines, grinding machines, local noodles machines and flour to assist those who sacrificed everything to support President Muhammadu Buhari from the day he joins partisan politics because they deserved to be reciprocated.
In her desire and wishes for the improvement of access to child and maternal health care delivery to ease the shortages of beds experienced in General Hospital Daura from time to time, she intended to build a hospital like Turai Yardua. Her dream for this hospital could not see the light of the day due to unavailability of land. However, she built a maternity ward which is equipped with modern medical facilities in assisting the expectant mothers and the newborn babies including incubators to take of premature birth.
As education became the most important factor that facilitates social mobility, the First Lady provides scholarships to orphans and children of some of their political loyalists which we believed the beneficiaries will have solid foundation in their educational careers that will boost their future prospects.
Still on education, she extended her helping hands to Government Secondary School Dumurkol through rehabilitation of the school’s infrastructure and provisions of teaching aid to the school. The school became the preferred choice of parents and students. This was achieved due to her commitment and dedication to improve access to quality education.
It is a known facts that skills acquisition and vocational training are necessary in making people self-reliant and economically independent Hajia Aisha Buhari built skills acquisition and vocational training center along Zango road to train our youths to be self-employed after their training.
Last but not the least from time to time she assist the poor and the needies in our midst to ease their suffering conditions.
In view of above, the people of Daura are not unmindful on her numerous positive contributions to our people and elsewhere. Your Excellency we are grateful for all these good things and many others that I cannot mention here.
Some people were not happy with the good relationship between the people of Daura and the First Lady through the distortions and misinterpretation of views expressed by our people. There was no point or place where the First Lady was attacked by youths and elders as a result of any family issue that is something internal and peculiar to them.
For frequent readers of newspapers and online news, our journalists and public commentators are experts on framing a headlines which has no nexus or relevant to the main body of the news due to their bad intentions to make mischief which is a common attitudes among Nigerian journalists in order to attract attention and buyers. This is what happened that makes some associations from Yola to launched counter attacks on Daurawa particularly Daura Emirate Colleation of Associations (DECA) without reading in between the lines to understand the deliberate intentions of journalists to magnify anything that has to do with the First Family. It is not in our character to attack elders or any person as we have arrays of members who responded to all burning issues with maturity.
Let me appeal to all those who thinks people of Daura are against  Her Excellency Hajia Aisha Buhari, she is our sister, daughter and mother and part and parcels of us that cannot be seperated from us forever.
My humble advice to all of us particularly our brothers from Yola  is to take things easily  and approach any burning issue with extra cautions to cement and not create any crack and stop going to press in a haste without studying things objectively. No matter how  Daurawa love the President, he love her more than us. In the same manner she love her husband more than those fighting for from Yola, why making unnecassary reactions as a means to display your loyalty. President Muhammadu Buhari and his family are under  close marking more than the previous Presidents and under the watch of attack dogs using all media outlets to achieve their objectives. Instead of making the affairs an opportunity to create problems we should be strongly united to counter their extreme blind haters.
Ado Umar Lalu


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