Dauda Lawal On My Radar

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By Sani Bello Hamza 

“…the change that the people of Zamfara voted for is a change from insecurity, a life of poverty, to a life of security, prosperity and comfort, accountability and the rule of law.”

This is an excerpt from Gov. Dauda Lawal’s appreciation message to the people of Zamfara state after his emergence as the duly elected governor of the state. He started by thanking the Almighty Allah who give and take power from his servants without their consent. Gov. Lawal further appreciates the good people of Zamfara state for their unwavering support and commitment to the course of change.

Over the years, Zamfara state have been ravaged by bandits and kidnappers; Kidnappers kidnap people at will and demand huge ransom without fear of the consequence that may befall on them. The state literally became the headquarter of bandits in the Northwest. Nigerians all over the country were afraid to visit the state–the name “Zamfara” was synonymous to Banditry and Kidnapping.

Moreover, the Education sector was nothing to write home about. We were all aware of the huge amount money the state government was owing the West African Examination Council (WAEC) which led to the disenfranchisement of Zamfara state students from writing the examination. The primary Education has deteriorated to the extent that parents have resort to patronizing private schools because the public schools were left unattended by the previous administrations. Public schools were left for the poor farmers and low income earners who doesn’t have the means to send their children to private schools.

In spite of the above challenges and other numerous challenges in other sectors like; Health and Economy, Gov. Lawal took the bull by the horn and embark on the rescue mission of the good people of Zamfara state.

Glory be to Almighty Allah the machinery of CHANGE has been set in motion. The fearless Governor has achieved all what seems to be unachievable by the previous administrations in the shortest period.

On insecurity; In the span of just 100 days in office, Gov. Lawal had a robust discussion with the service chiefs to seek their collaboration and support in the fight against bandits and kidnappers across the state. The Governor also approved the recruitment of 300 civilian JTF from each local government of the state to assist the military in their quest to permanently end to the lingering issue if insecurity in the state. He further approved the repair of all the dilapidated vehicles of security personnels to facilitate their patrols across the state.

On Education; In line with his campaign promise, Gov. Lawal has declared state of emergency in the Education sector to ensure adequate funding and revive quality Education in the state. The Governor has also paid the National Examination Council (NECO) the fee for all the students that sat for the 2023 examination. The Governor has also facilitated the collection of the certificates for all the students that sat for the 2019 NECO examination.

Further more; the long abandoned public schools are also receiving special treatment from the selfless Governor. The governor has approved the renovation and construction of 245 schools across the 14 local governments of Zamfara state. The schools will equally be equiped with furnished chairs and desks for teachers and students, with 619 tablets for the constructed and renovated schools in the state. The teachers will also be subjected to rigorous trainings to ensure qualitative teaching and learning. Wow!!!

What could be more joyous than this? I don’t think there is any governor in Nigeria who inherited numerous challenges and countless problems from his predecessor but yet, he is thriving against all odds. This is indeed a testament of his determination, dedication and unwavering commitment to rescue the people of Zamfara state.

Indeed, Zamfarawa are witnessing a first hand leadership from an experienced Banker, Humanitarian and Administrator. Zamfara state is breathing and rising again. Muna taya ku murna Zamfarawa. May Dauda Succeed!

Sani Bello Hamza is a Law student at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He writes from Zaria and can be reached through;

sanibellohamza@gmail.com or 09013596168


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