Dangiwa Plans N7m Housing For Low Income Earners

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The minister of Housing and Urban Development, Mr. Ahmed Musa Dangiwa, has charged the Heads of Departments within the ministry to come up with innovative measures and ideas that would help the ministry achieve its mandate of providing affordable housing in the country.
This is as TEXEM, a United Kingdom based company has said Dangiwa’s appointment heralds a new era of progress and innovation in the housing sector.
Dangiwa, who issued the directive on the first day of receiving detailed briefings from principal officers of the ministry, charged them to take the lead in researching and developing housing designs that are, in reality, actually affordable, acceptable, and accessible to Nigerians, particularly low and medium-income earners, who constitute over 80 per cent of the Nigerian population
According to him, the preferred cost of a house that an average Nigerian can afford should be within the range of N4 million to N7 million.
To achieve this, the minister immediately set up a Committee on Affordable Housing Design and tasked its members to develop a minimum of three different housing concepts that an average Nigerian can afford and directed that the conceptual designs should be organic.
“This was part of a broad range of reform actions that he plans to take to ensure that the Ministry properly re-aligned along the path of enhanced efficiency to enable it to perform its functions optimally towards delivering greater impact as stated in its mandate,” he explained.
“This includes ensuring that the ministry, which is mostly staffed by professional Architects and Town Planners, take the lead in researching and developing housing designs that are, in reality, actually affordable, acceptable, and accessible to Nigerians, particularly low and medium-income earners, who constitute over 80 per cent of the Nigerian population,” the statement said.
He emphasised that all professionals within the Ministry must take their roles seriously and contribute their quota towards achieving this objective.
“As a ministry staffed mostly with professional architects, we must use our knowledge and expertise to produce innovative housing designs that are affordable and livable.
“We must prioritise the 80 per cent of Nigerians that are within the low to medium income segment. They too are Nigerians and deserve to live in decent, safe, and quality homes,” he stated.
“This means a family can start with a one bedroom and as their incomes increase expand that same house to a two bedroom or three bedrooms over time on the same parcel of land by attaching one or two walls as the case may be,” it added.
Dangiwa further clarified that an affordable house is reasonably priced and within the financial means of individuals and families with lower incomes.
He said such a house should not cost more than 30 per cent of a household’s income. This includes rent or mortgage payments, as well as utilities and maintenance costs.
“This puts the preferred cost of a house that an average Nigerian can afford at within the range of N4 million to N7 million.”
The Minister also assigned the Urban and Regional Planning Directorate the task of collaborating with the National Assembly to formulate an actionable framework for initiating the review of the Land Use Act of 1978 as it is crucial for facilitating affordable housing delivery.
Furthermore, the Minister noted that the Land Use Act contains outdated provisions and no longer fully serves its original purpose due to the passage of time.
Meanwhile, TEXEM said Dangiwa’s appointment with an impeccable record that spans three decades underscores the administration’s commitment to addressing the critical challenges of housing and urban development “in our rapidly evolving nation.”
The firm in a congratulatory message said Dangiwa is capable of driving forward Nigeria’s urban development and housing agenda.
“His journey from an accomplished architect and academic to the former CEO/MD of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, and now as the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, showcases his dynamic ability to shape the course of urbanisation in Nigeria.
“As the new Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Architect Ahmed Musa Dangiwa stands at the threshold of yet another chapter in his illustrious journey.
“His proven track record of leadership, innovation, and dedication positions him as a visionary poised to drive forward Nigeria’s urban development and housing agenda.
“TEXEM, UK extend her heartiest congratulations to Architect Dangiwa and look forward to witnessing the transformational strides he will bring to this pivotal sector in Nigeria”.
The firm said Dangiwa’s appointment represents a promise of a brighter, more sustainable, and inclusive urban future for all Nigerians.
The firm added that Dangiwa’s appointment should serve as a clarion call to TEXEM and its community of executives to strive for excellence.
“First, this appointment is a testament that the organisation is living its values- Insights that inspire and actions that change the world. Secondly, it is a reminder of the impact TEXEM alums can have on the nation and the world when they apply the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired through TEXEM’s programmes.
“Furthermore, this achievement is not just a personal milestone for Architect Dangiwa. Still, it also represents the calibre of individuals TEXEM nurtures and their transformative impact in their respective fields.
Thus, it’s a personal victory and a collective success story underscoring the importance of continuous learning, networking, and leadership development”.
The firm reaffirmed its commitment to nurturing present and future strategic leaders.
“Dangiwa’s journey demonstrates the tangible results that can be achieved when knowledge meets dedication.
“It is a reminder that TEXEM’s role in shaping leaders transcends its programmes and extends to the broader impact these leaders have on society”.
The founder of TEXEM, UK, Dr Alim Abubakre, surmised, “Congratulations, Architect Ahmed Dangiwa, on your well-deserved appointment as a Federal Minister! Your compelling strategic leadership, lofty achievements and journey as an alumnus have brought you here, and we trust you’ll use this role to create a brighter future for society and consolidate your impact. Keep reaching for new heights!”
The firm added that Architect Ahmed Musa Dangiwa’s appointment as the Minister of Housing and Urban Development is a source of pride not only for him but for TEXEM and the entire nation of Nigeria.
“It underscores the transformative power of education and the immense potential within each TEXEM alum.
Let us celebrate this achievement and look forward to the positive changes and innovative solutions that will emerge under Dangiwa’s leadership”.
TEXEM takes pride in shaping leaders like Ahmed Musa Dangiwa and trusts this appointment inspires others to aspire to excellence, leadership development and the pursuit of lifelong learning.



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