‘Corporate Begging’ Rises In Enugu Amid Economic Hardship

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The economic situation in the country has thrown some otherwise well-dressed persons into the begging trade as “corporate beggers” that is now visible in different parts of Enugu, who use different tactics to solicit alms.
Exclusive investigation by LEADERSHIP revealed that the beggers usually dress well and have good command of English language.
It was further gathered that the beggers, who are often on nice suits always inform their victims that they ran out of fuel and need between five thousand and ten thousand naira to refill their vehicles.
LEADERSHIP further observed that the “corporate” beggers intensified their activities since the removal of fuel subsidy that occassioned the ongoing hardship in the country.
Some residents who spoke to our correspondent on the development said the affected beggers also engage in fraudulent activties.
Mr Uwakwe Justice, a resident of Independence Layout said the beggers have severally approached him for assistance.
“My brother, these corporate beggers are roaming most streets of Enugu begging for arms. The other day I saw a well-dressed man on suit who approached me gently.
“Thinking that he is a responsible man because of his dressing, I stopped to listen to him. He told me that his vehicle developed fault and he lost his ATM card and cannot access his account for transfer because of bad network.
“He even promised to pay me back and collected my phone number. I managed to give him 2000 naira and for almost three months now he has not even called but I have forgotten the money because one of their victims narrated his own ordeal to me,” he stated.
A restaurant operator, Mrs Amaka Odigbo on her part said she was once a victim of the beggers.
“One day I was in my restaurant when a man with big tommy entered my shop and requested for food, I did not ask for money because he was well-dressed, but to my greatest surprise, the man started telling me stories when he finished eating. To cut the story short, he begged me to give him my account number that network was bad. Till now I have not seen the man,” she stated.



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