Cleric Warns Nigerians Against Cult Group Membership

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Pastor Muyiwa James, Resident Pastor of Living Faith Church, Lafia, has warned believers not to follow people who join occult groups to search for prosperity in their business or for any reason whatsoever.

James made this known in his Sunday message titled “Gateways to financial fortune”.

He told the faithful that doing so would be in vain and a heavy price would later be paid for what was gotten through the cult groups.

The reflection came at a time many people, including Christians, were deceived into believing that they could get richer through some non existent powers of fake prophets and native doctors.

Such beliefs had turned many into performing rituals involving the spilling of all sorts of blood and involvement in self destructive acts.

James warned that people involved in such acts would attract the punishment of God and end up in hell.

“Prosperity through God is simple. Just live a simple and righteous life.

“Also worship and invest in God. God’s prosperity plan is a covenant.

“You must play your part for God to play his own,” he said

The cleric then reeled out some of the requirements to qualify for financial prosperity from God to include paying of tithes, kingdom advancement and giving to aged parents among others.

He also advised christians to cultivate the habit of giving to God so as to enjoy sustained financial fortune.

According to the cleric, “serving God and the interest of His kingdom with our resources is the perfect gateway to financial resources for any believer”.

He said a believer must be able and willing to give to please God so as to expect rewards from the Almighty in return because genuine sacrifices made to God are never in vain.


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