Buhari’s Aide Urges FG To Immortalise June 12

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Sen. Babafemi Ojudu, the Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, has urged the Federal Government to build a museum on June 12.

Ojudu gave the advice on Friday during the Lagos State Government Youth Pro-Democracy Webinar in commemoration of the 27th Anniversary of June 12 and Democracy Day 2020.

He said that the museum would allow the young generation have access to a memorabilia of the history and an opportunity to learn about  the June 12 struggle.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the theme of the online celebration is “June 12: Learning from the Past, Shaping the Future”.

The session was moderated by Mr Dayo Israel, the Special Representative to the United Nations and British Council Global Change-Maker.

Ojudu said that there was the need for the young generation to get acquainted with history, so that they  could learn and be reminded of the issues surrounding democracy in the country.

“In order to keep hope alive, they should know about  the sacrifice paid for democracy day by the nation’s past leaders.

“It is important that we have concrete things  that can remind the younger generation of our past political struggles,” he said.

Ojudu also called on government to help those who struggled for democracy to move out of poverty.

“They must enjoy the dividends of democracy and not languish in poverty,” he said.

Also, a former Commissioner for Information and Strategy in the state, Chief Dele Alake, said that Nigeria   had achieved  civilian rule but not attained full blown democracy.

Alake noted that democracy was a work in progress.

He said: “Power is not served a la carte, the young generation must go out and grab it.

‘They have the opportunity to actualise the hope of June 12 which was titled “Hope 1993, Farewell to poverty”

“Therefore, they must plunge themselves into the political stage.

“They should extend their frontiers of democracy, open up and be in control of their finances, vision, development and growth,” he said.

The Publisher of Ovation Magazine, Mr Dele Momodu,  said there was the  need to develop education, especially, in the area of vocational studies.

“Everybody cannot be a career person, so l urge our government to invest more in vocational studies/training and upgrade our institutions to give the best of vocational studies,” Momodu said.

He charged government to urgently ensure that elections were free and fair, just as the June 12 Presidential Election was rated the freest till date.

Momodu said that democracy entailed checks and balances, adding that legislatures should be responsible  for making laws and hold the executive accountable  to their jobs.

He advised that those in judiciary must be empowered and encouraged and that they must be men of honour and integrity

Dr Joe Okei-Odumakin, President, Centre for Change, commended the Lagos State  Government for the  efforts put in place to uphold democracy.

Okei-Odumain urged the youth to remain committed to the ideals of June 12.

“Today, 27 years after June 12, l call on the young ones to imbibe the ideals of June 12.

“I want the citizens and youths to work hand in hand for a better and greater Nigeria. We must decide and agree to have a Nigeria that works well,” she said.

Yemi Adamolekun of Enough is Enough Nigeria reiterated the importance of thinking on a global scale saying that Nigerians needed  to take the it r  stand and amplify the power of the internet.

“We have the power in our hands to make Nigeria what we want, especially through  our actions. We must hold those elected to rule us accountable for  actions,” she said.

Adamolekun urged government to develop the education sector, while stressing the need for data gathering.

“As a country, we should harness data in order to plan effectively for the benefit of development,” she said.

Seun Onigbinde of Budgit said that June 12 was about saying no to poverty, getting the government to do more and optimising how we use public resources.

Onigbinde said there was  the need for government to do more by being responsible and accountable.

“Public office is a position of trust which one must ensure to manage efficiently.

“Rights of the people and public resources must be protected and properly accounted for. This is what June 12 is all about,” he said.

Hafsat Abiola-Costello, daughter of Chief MKO Abiola, appreciated the people of Lagos, especially the state government for standing with her family all through the years.

She noted that Lagos single handedly carried the issue, engaged the South Western States and fought for the emergence of June 12, as a Democracy Day.

Abiola-Costello urged the  Lagos Government to work with Cherie Blaire to help promote global partnerships with Europe and America.

“We need long term investments to help us  grow, develop and move forward. We do not need people who will just extract and exploit us, we need SMEs from Europe and America to build  our people,” she said.

Abiola-Costello also advised the government to figure out how to work with the younger generation because they were the leaders of tomorrow.

“Lagos Government should help absorb young people into their administration. They should get them decent jobs and good wages,” she said.

Abiola-Costello called on all to work together, be united and ensure that all shaped Nigeria together.

“June 12 was about election, it is also about reclaiming our voices.

“In unity, there is nothing we cannot surmount; Africa has usually been exploited because we are divided, therefore, let us work together and be united to ensure we shape Nigeria together,” she said.


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