Bauchi Commissioner Counsels Islamic Clerics To Abide By Qur’anic, Sunnah Teachings

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By Khalid Idris Doya

The Commissioner in Bauchi Ministry of Water Resources, Hon. Abdulrazaq Nuhu Zaki has counseled Islamic clerics in the state and beyond to be strict to the teachings of Holy Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) in all their preachings and educating the Ummah.

Hon. Abdulrazaz Zaki noted that some Islamic clerics both within the state and outside are gradually deviating from the path of the Qur’an and Sunnah in most of their propagations, as they also tend to divide the Ummah based on self- overdoing.

The commissioner specifically drew the attention of the cleric, Imam Idris Abdul’aziz Dutsen Tanshi to know that some of his sermons on the pulpit leaves much to be desired, hence the need for him to tore the path of honour, justice and equity with dealing with the Muslims Ummah.

He told the press in Bauchi Wednesday that it is unbecoming of an Islamic cleric in the Calibre of Sheikh Idris Abdul’azizi to bend lowly to the course of self-centered ess or crave for worldly pursuit with wealth accumulation tendencies which, the commissioner argued, would not take him anywhere.

The Bauchi Water Resources Chief also noted with dismay that some of the utterances or virtuperations of Sheikh Idris Abdul’aziz are mere concoctions, fabrication of lies, imaginations and or sentiments simply to draw the sympathy of individual citizens in the society.

The commissioner also described as blatant lies by Abdul’aziz, the concoction that the state government under the leadership of Governor Bala Mohammed offered him a whooping sum of N100 million to guard against his utterances, which the Sheikh arguably rejected, described it as a fiction.

Zaki said, “What I can vividly recall is that at the inception of the present administration in 2019, barely four months after inauguration, I as commissioner for Local Government was directed to go round the Islamic clerics in the state with a pledge to them for the renovation, rebuild or building their mosques and or Islamiyyah school, as part of the administration’s thanks-giving to Almighty Allah for the electoral victory.”

“We first approached the Gwallaga mosque in Bauchi metropolis where we have the understanding of those in charge and confronted them with the issue. They told us what they specifically want, which is the completion of the school building beside the mosque. They gave us the project estimates, while we sought for the supervision of the project for accountability and transparency”, Zaki said.

The commissioner further recalled that of all the mosques welfare committees that canvassed for their individual projects that the state government collected their project estimates for renovation or building, 50 percent of the total sum was released as part payment.

Hon. Zaki therefore advised Sheikh Idris Abdul’aziz to always imbibe the spirit of good relationship with his fellow human-beings, especially the various Islamic sects which he is always against, and the government in particular which he often betrays in terms of governance.


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