Atiku Support Group In Kano Urges Kogi State Electorates To Vote Dino Malaye As Governor

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The people of Kogi state have been called upon to ensure that they vote for the governorship candidate of the PDP party, Dino Malaye in the state governorship election that will take place on Saturday.

Kano support Atiku for president 2023 iled by Alhaji Salmanu Mai Nasiha made the call during the press conference in Kano.

They said that it is not only the peoples of Kogi state, generally people’s knows the goodness and efficiency of Dino Malaye in matters of governance especially in his representation in house representative and the Senate, he has brought great progress and stood up for the interests of Nigerians.

Alhaji Salmanu Mai Nasiha said that the kind of compassion, mercy, kindness and taking care of orphans that the governorship candidate of Kogi state in the shadow of the PDP Dino Malaye has proved to be effective and efficient if he becomes the governor, he will develop Kogi state to higher levels of achievement.

He explained that although they are not from Kogi state but they have good evidence for calling on the people’s of the state to vote for Dino Malaye because of his work to serve the people and his zeal for the development of the poor and his good policies are obvious.

He added that if the law will allowed them to go and vote anywhere they would have gone to Kogi from Kano and cast their vote to the PDP governorship candidate Dino Malaye in the election that will be held on Saturday, but still they ara conducting special prayers, in Kano for Almighty God to give him success, by sacrificing rams and cooked foods and distributed as charity to God to fulfill his needs.

Kano support Atiku for president 2023 group chairman Alhaji Salmanu Mai Nasiha said that their biggest hope is to get PDP state governors who will improve the development of the peoples in their states despite their efforts to make Atiku Abubakar the president of the country but the decision of the Supreme Court brought them problems.

Mai Nasiha said their group in Kano are strongly in support of Dino Malaye to be the next Governor of Gogi state and they will coutinues in organising prayers for his success during the election


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