Appointment Of Ambassador Isyaku Yahaya As Deputy Chairman Of NNPP Kano State Is Well Deserved

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

The appointment of deputy chairman of NNPP in Kano state given of the strongest supporter of Kwankwasiyya. system from Kumbotso local Government.Ambassador Isyaku Yahaya is qualified.

Ambassador Isyaku was described as a person who has a good relationship with peoples and who loves and serves the Kwankwasiyya process, which has made a significant contribution to ensure the success of the NNPP.

Many politicians said that the contribution of Talban Panshekara. Ambassador Isyaku Yahaya to Kwankwasiyya’s journey for a long time has helped a lot in bringing the NNPP acceptance among the people of Kumbotso and Kano state.

Not only for politicians, many people know Ambassador Isyaku Yahaya as a person who helps and wants to build the development of the community, especially the youth to become useful to the community. he is a person always with the people.

Alhaji Isyaku Yahaya since during the campaign for the presidential election of Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso and Abba has been trying to see the NNPP to victory even after the victory and going to court he has contributed a lot to see Almighty confirmrd the success of Abba Kabir Yusuf.

Therefore, the members of the NNPP expressed their satisfaction with this good foresight of the stakeholders of the party by given Ambassador Isyaku Yahaya the debuty kano. State chairman of the party this will yields more positive results to development of the party.



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