APGA Leadership Tussle: Justice Has Prevailed, Says Njoku

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Chief Edozie Njoku, All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), National Chairman, says justice has prevailed as the court injunction preventing him from executing his duties as National Chairman has been dismissed.

Njoku made this known to newsmen at the end of the court session held at an FCT High Court, Jabi, Abuja, on Thursday.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the case filed by Dr Victor Oye was dismissed by the court.

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“ We can see how justice does prevail, we were in this particular court about 5 weeks ago, and we were all very gloomy because the judge did not turn up to court, and I said  to you people that justice will definitely prevail.

“That how could I win a free and fair convention and he runs into a court, behind my back, goes to get an injunction to stop me from parading myself as National chairman, gets the same injunction stopping APGA from recognising me as well.

“ As long as our facts are straight, justice will prevail, and by the stroke of luck, suddenly as we got to last week, he started looking at the case, that there is no way that the injunction is not going to take place.

“The court has now discharged all orders that I’m now to be recognised as the National Chairman of APGA and that the party itself should start recognising me as the party National chairman, and I should go and take possession of my seat as the national chairman.

“It’s a wonderful day, it’s very shocking to know which direction there are coming from, but as I said to a few people it’s the work of God.

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Njoku, who noted that APGA is not a party for an individual, but for the people, promised to work and take the party to glorious heights.

The counsel to Njoku, Chile Onyemenam said with what transpired in court, he believes the defendant and the complainant will work together and resolve issues as a family, noting that both factions are APGA members.

“It is a leadership tussle of who is the legitimate and authentic national chairman of APGA, and from what has transpired in court today, it’s like they want to take the matter back and resolve like a family, because all the parties here are members of APGA.

“And you can see we did not raise any objection to the withdrawal, even though we have a counter claim, we will save the counter claim for another day and see what can be done to bring all the members together as one family.

“So, it was a wise decision for Dr. Victor Oye to instruct his council to withdraw this suit aginst the current elected National Chairman of APGA in the person of chief Njoku, “ he said.

For his part, Hon Tonyuche Ezekwelu founding members of APGA enjoined all members of the party to support  Njoku, while urging Njoku to run an open door leadership.

Cue in Audio 2 (Honourable on support for Njoku)

“My advice for the National Chairman, chief Njoku is that now is not time to start talking about who did what in the past, what we need now is unity of the party.

“ He should run an open door administration, bring back everybody together; the former National Chairmen and other leaders of the party, at the national, state and local government levels.

“And ask the leadership at all levels to go back and embrace unity and peace; let us all start talking, let those who sow embers of discord stay away from the National Chairman.

“Let them talk with the leader of the party, Dr Willie Obiano, the governor of Anambra state, the leader of the party and the BOT chairman, so that they will work together, bring all the BOT members together.

“All the people that make the party thick should be brought together, so, everybody will be part of this epoch making event, because this is what we have been praying for, it’s a prayer answered,“ he said.

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NAN reports that the party, which has two factions conducted parallel congresses on May 31, 2019, with Oye emerging as its national chairman for the congress held in Awka, Anambra, while the Owerri faction on its part produced Njoku as its national chairman.

Since then the tussle for who is the legitimate Chairman of the party had been on.


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